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With up to 100% commission, Travel Edge is playing for keeps

After exponential growth through acquisition, Travel Edge has achieved the kind of critical mass that makes people sit up and notice.

Cheryl Nicholson, Executive Vice President, Leisure for Travel Edge, says she’s thrilled by the quality of advisors who want to take their careers in a new direction and are responding to the Travel Edge difference.

“Since we rebranded the company as Travel Edge, we’re seeing a lot more interest from advisors who have significant books of business. It’s a mix of people who have been independent and those who have their own agencies but see the benefits that our technology and support can provide,” Nicholson says.

Not only are the agents of high value, but they're coming well prepared to evaluate the opportunity.

“People are doing their homework. The level of questions is very high, very sophisticated. The expectations are high too. And that’s great for us, because we have a product and an offering that really stands out. The road is nothing but opportunity for us.”

Commission Split – Travel Edge Makes It Transparent

Nicholson says it created a bit of a buzz in the business when the company published full details of its commission split model and the benefits and incentives it offers advisors. It’s right there front and centre in the company’s brochure and website, transparently titled ‘Our Offer.’

“We’re proud of the fact we offer a competitive split. We’re confident in what we offer,” Nicholson says. “And we want our advisors to know the revenue opportunity wherever they are on the spectrum. We don’t apologize that our advisors make a good living.”

‘Our Offer’ also details desk fees, perks, marketing support, leads, air desk availability and system support – including response times, commitments - for Intranet, GDS, Clientbase, email and phone.

Where Technology, Training & Service Meet

It’s not just a competitive compensation plan attracting both established and new travel advisors to Travel Edge. The proprietary ADX system – and you can learn more about it here – is a critical advantage.

“We’re getting an amazing response to our technology,” Nicholson says. Those new to the industry can be booking travel within a day, without having to know GDS codes. Existing advisors quickly adapt to a system that saves time and enables them to focus on servicing clients. And that means being more efficient and making more money.”

New-to-the-industry advisors – and Nicholson says there’s more interest in choosing travel as a career than she’s seen in many years – also benefit from a strong Travel Edge focus on training and development.

“We think education and support for new advisors have been missing pieces in many organizations. Training, support and mentorship is crucial. As we’re recruiting, one of the main things we’re looking for is entrepreneurial acumen. And we’re launching a new Mentorship Program to help new-to-industry members and those entering travel as a second career.” 

Nicholson says there are already success stories to relate, including second-career agents who have used the Travel Edge mentoring model to achieve success in a short time.

"We have people who have come from well-paying careers who have quickly achieved strong sales and are having more fun selling travel. That's something to be proud of," Nicholson says.

Marketing Magic & Success Through Succession Planning

As well as young people choosing travel as a first career and others seeking to change their career path, there are many existing travel advisors with a strong book of business who are beginning to plan for retirement. Nicholson says Travel Edge has developed a robust succession planning option.

“Those who are on the path to retirement can partner with a ‘rising star’ young advisor through revenue share agreements. They can stay in the industry, come to events and work as much or as little as they wish. We’re proud of what we’ve developed in terms of offering a profitable and fulfilling succession path, and we’ll be talking more about that in the New Year.”

Nicholson says the New Year will also bring expanded marketing resources designed to support vendor partners, drive leads to Travel Edge advisors and enhance awareness on both a local and national level.

“Our marketing team will work closely with advisors to bring in even more business and create more opportunities to grow their sales. It’s a key focus for 2018.”


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