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Partner with the industry’s premier luxury host

When a travel advisor joins Travel Edge, they’re entering a partnership with one of the largest Virtuoso agencies in North America.

Virtuoso is the biggest sales producer for the world’s largest network of luxury travel agencies, with more than 15,200 advisors around the world. On its own, Travel Edge’s leisure division has 10 offices across Canada, the U.S. and Bermuda, with over 750 advisors specializing in air, cruise, vacation, and VIP travel.

The benefits of the Virtuoso partnership include: access to airline upgrade programs, discount programs and Virtuoso air benefits; preferred membership and recognition with the top cruise lines; and exclusive rates at 30,000 top hotels, worldwide.

Travel Edge members also enjoy elite status at luxury properties such as Four Seasons Preferred, Ritz Star, Mandarin Oriental, Orient Express, Park Hyatt, Starwood and Rocco Forte VL. The Virtuoso affiliation delivers value-added services, upgrades, exclusive access to top hotels and reward programs as well as educational travel opportunities to the most popular destinations.

“We’re a company built on the premise of combining progressive technology with a highly personal approach to the luxury travel business,” says Travel Edge Executive Vice President of Leisure Cheryl Nicholson.

“Luxury travel is not just about price. It’s about experiences people will never forget and service they can trust.” Cheryl Nicholson

Luxury travel is not just about expensive trips for the wealthy, Nicholson says. Luxury refers more to the personalized service and curated product that enables people to get beyond cookie-cutter product and find the kind of trip that provides ultimate fulfillment of individual desires.

Nicholson says the word ‘luxury’ is entwined with everything about the experience and the relationship between travel advisor and travellers. “Our clients are happy to pay an agent to curate the possibilities and create a truly memorable experience.”

That’s a key point for Nicholson, because Travel Edge believes many advisors have not been getting the compensation they deserve for their efforts.

“You do what you do because you’re a luxury travel enthusiast, but we never lose sight of the fact that you’re also in business to succeed and make a desirable living,” Nicholson says. “That’s why Travel Edge offers the highest, achievable commission levels in air, cruise, hotels, resorts, tours and more.”

Travel Edge also appreciates the value and motivational aspect of being recognized for a job well done.

This year’s Top Performers trip saw 30 Travel Edge members travel to the 5-star Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica, a 2017 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice winner.

“We provide sponsorship assistance for Top Performers and Budding Top Performers so they can participate in Virtuoso Travel Week roundtables, seminars and networking events, and in Virtuoso Travel Week Tours where agents have the opportunity to visit cities, with preferred partners, for insightful learning and one-on-one interaction,” Nicholson says.

The Travel Edge executive says she’s excited to be with a company that’s on the leading edge of travel technology and advisor support at a time when travel advisors are enjoying a renaissance of interest and support from consumers who value their precious leisure time.

“I’m feeling very optimistic. Our clientele really understands and appreciates the value of our advisors. And so do we,” Nicholson says.

“Together, we see a really bright future in helping people realize their travel dreams and helping travel advisors receive proper recognition and compensation for their skills and knowledge.


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