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Bahia Principe’s rebranding shines a new light on an old favourite

With 20 properties in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts has a world of choice to offer your clients seeking a high-quality, all-inclusive holiday in the sun.

The resort group already has a big following in Canada, thanks to the affordable luxury it offers and its philosophy of constant investment to maintain the high standards guests have come to expect.

Transat’s Senior Business Representative Key Accounts Susan Kooiman describes the relationship between Transat and Bahia Principe as “the longest and strongest in the North American travel industry.” Bahia Principe holds the distinction as the only resort group to have representation in every one of Transat’s Sun Collections, a fact that underscores its diverse range of product.

But, with so many choices, how do you ensure you have all the information necessary to recommend the right property to the right clients?

That’s a question the company has been asking itself too, and the answer comes through an ongoing rebranding process designed to help advisors and travellers quickly determine the key attributes of each resort.

"Our brand, for the longest time, was tied to the owner's name, Don Pablo,” says Sal Buccellato, National Accounts Director for Bahia Principe in Canada.

“He passed away a few years ago and his daughters have taken over the business. They have come in and are taking the company into 2020. This is the re-conception that they have. "

There's a new logo, new font, and a new way that Bahia Principe presents each of its four brands: Fantasia is the brand for family travellers; Luxury targets those seeking a more pampered experience; Grand delivers a 5-star experience at an affordable price; and Sunlight, a brand exclusive to 4-star properties in Spain’s Mallorca and Tenerife.

‘Bahia Principe’ is now the first two words of each hotel name, followed by the brand and another identifier, usually the location – for example: Bahia Principe Fantasia Punta Cana, Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay and Bahia Principe Grand Tulum.

That’s the first step. The second is dividing the properties into ‘Experiences.’ Bahia Principe has selected three:

Treasure Experiences: Resorts in this category are “off-the-beaten-path” and seamlessly integrated into their natural surroundings. Each property in this group offers a unique experience in every way.

Escape Experiences: These properties offer relaxation, pampering and fun in an adults-only setting.

Family & Friends Experiences: At Bahia Principe resorts that are part of this grouping, families, friends and colleagues will find themselves in a relaxed atmosphere in which everything is fun and easy.

Buccellato says getting to know the ‘Experiences’ offered by each Bahia Principe resort is key to sales success and satisfied customers.

“For the name, we're putting Bahia Principe first, so it'll make it easier for our retail partners to find the product. And with ‘Experiences’ defining properties that offer distinct activities, entertainment, food & beverage options, it’ll be easier than ever for travellers to find the perfect option where they will be certain to experience happiness.

The distinctions are important in places where Bahia Principe offers multiple resorts in one location.

"In Punta Cana for example, where we have several resorts within the complex, you have your lead-in property for guests that are on a budget travelling with kids, the Turquesa,” says Buccellato.

“That's perfect for people on a fixed budget. Then you can go to the Grand Punta Cana or Bavaro for clients who are single and looking for more of a party atmosphere type of hotel. We have our Aquamarine, which is our adult-only property, and that's offering more services and amenities, and then you have Fantasia for families travelling with kids. And then you have your beachfront Luxury Esmeralda for families and then you have your Ambar, which is adults-only.” 

So many choices, and something for just about any kind of client. But as Buccellato points out, once clients have found their happy place in the larger complex, they also have the option of exploring further.

"You're staying at one, you're within a larger complex, but then look at the exchange privileges that you have with the others, rather than one hotel that's standalone, has three restaurants, two bars, and that's it. Now you're gaining access to all of these other experiences within the complex itself. There's quite a few options there."

Buccellato says Canadians are loyal when they discover a product that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

“We have a very high repeat factor because first there’s the product – we have something that appeals to any type of clientele – and second, we’re always innovating and improving.”


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