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How to sell Mexico’s rich art & history

While selling ITC packages can keep the lights on, the future of travel is in finding clients who want more -- and in having the knowledge and contacts to give it to them.

Many 'been there, done that' clients are seeking authentic experiences that speak to their passions, whether that be collecting folk art, chasing butterflies or exploring ancient ruins. This type of client is willing to pay for expertise. They tend to be loyal too.

As destinations go, Mexico is an ideal place for a dual interest vacation – offering beautiful beaches, as well as a rich and vibrant culture and amazing natural diversity.

This type of client is willing to pay for expertise. They tend to be loyal too.

With the huge volume of value-priced flights departing from Canada to Mexico year-round, Mexico has a big advantage over many destinations. Your clients can combine a beach vacation with a stay in a colonial city or an urban metropolis like Mexico City. Or they may want to take an air-only charter to Cancun or another beach destination, then head out from there, on an itinerary you’ve helped them plan. There are many culturally and ecologically rich Mexican locations located within an easy drive of the coast.

The Mexico Tourism Board is keen to introduce more tourists to beyond-the-beach attractions. That’s a plus for you, as the Board continues to assemble product and create materials to help you expand your Mexican horizons.

The best place to start is You’ll find destination guides to 43 different regions, from Acapulco to Zacatecas. There are special sections on archeology, architecture, arts and crafts, destination weddings, diving and snorkeling, high adventure activities, history, gastronomy and traditions and festivities.

Another section of is titled The Routes of Mexico. Through articles, maps, photos and videos, travellers are invited to discover the essence of Mexico. Route titles include: Wine Country and the Aquarium of the World; The Magic of Traditions and Nature; The Birthplace of History and Romanticism; The Art of Tequila & Music Under The Sun; The Mystery and Origin of the Maya Culture and more.

As you can see in the video interview with Rodrigo Esponda, the Mexico Tourism Board’s Canadian director is passionate about introducing Canadians to a deeper experience of Mexico. It’s his job, but it’s also clearly a matter of passion and pride.

“I see a lot of similarity between Mexicans and Canadian people,” says Esponda.

“I think there’s much to be gained from getting to know each other better. Stepping out of our beautiful resorts for at least a part of their vacation is a great way for Canadians to start an ongoing relationship with Mexico, and add depth and richness to their vacation time.”

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