Why Is This The Year of the Escorted Tour?

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1. Escorted Touring sales are up in Canada in 2013. Why?
Great retail partners
Pent-up demand
Lower prices
Improved product
All of the above
2. How has the average price of a Travel Corporation tour changed from 2012?
Up 5 per cent
Up 2.5 per cent
Down 3 per cent
Down 8 per cent
3. 35% of Trafalgar guests plan to do what in 2013?
Brush their teeth more often
Book an escorted tour
Play a musical instrument
4. What is Contiki's current marketing tagline:
No free lunch
No regrets
No shirt, no service
No old fogies
5. Which of the following is not a Trafalgar 'Insider' program?
Be My Guest
Unique Insights
Hidden Treasures
Come On Inside
6. What does Trafalgar call its tour leaders?
Tour Directors
Travel Directors
Tour Conductors
Chefs de Mission
7. Which of the following are components of the Insight dining program?
Highlight Dinners
Celebration Dinners
Dine-Around Evenings
Welcome Dinners
All of the above
8. How long has Contiki been in business?
18 years
51 years
35 years
25 years
9. If you were describing Insight's touring style with an airline analogy, would it be:
Business Class
Premium Economy Class
First Class
Economy Class