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Go Pro! Introducing ‘Bahia Principe Rewards Pro Agents’

Earn 250 points just for signing up!

Agents absolutely love Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, says Transat Commercial Director Nicole Bursey. “And we do too. For us at Transat, Bahia Principe is such a big part of what we sell, what we talk about. It’s a really tight partnership.”

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Bursey says agents have been asking for years if Bahia Principe was going to launch an agent rewards program, in part to make it easier to travel and experience the hotel group’s properties in Mexico and the Caribbean.

“It’s one of the most common questions we get asked about Bahia Principe. We’ve been encouraging and offering feedback to the management in Spain, and we’re really happy they’ve responded with Bahia Principe Rewards Pro Agents,” says Bursey.

“Even better for agents, they can double-dip and earn cash with our BonBon Rewards, giving even more reason to promote a product they know and love.”

You asked for it, you got it

The program is simple. Agents get 250 points just for signing up. They then get 100 points for every room night sold at Grand Bahia Principe Hotels, 125 points for room nights at Luxury Bahia Principe Don Pablo Collection Hotels. During promotional periods, Bahia Principe will offer up to 4X points.

"Even better for agents, they can double-dip and earn cash with our BonBon Rewards."

Points can be exchanged for free stays and exclusive gifts at Bahia Principe resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. As well, special travel discounts will be offered exclusively to Bahia Principe Rewards Pro Agents members.

The program also provides travel agents information about the hotels, latest updates, newest products and services. Daily reporting helps travel agents manage their bookings. Agent can subscribe by going to

Sal Buccellato, National Accounts Director, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, says Canadian agents have jumped aboard in a hurry. More than 1,500 Canadian agents signed up in the less than 2 weeks since the program was launched – exceeding the total membership in the U.S. where it launched last fall.

“Spain (where Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts is headquartered) is pleased and impressed,” says Buccellato. “It just shows you that the brand awareness here in Canada is phenomenal, and agents really love the product.”

Canadians want value, Bahia Principe delivers

Buccellato says Bahia Principe resonates so well with value-conscious Canadian travellers by exceeding their expectations.

“The quality and calibre of what the Canadian traveller gets for what they pay for their holiday is exceptional. Some places are just out of reach for Canadian travellers, especially for those who want to travel more than once a year. I love doing the math for people, because along with partners like Transat, Bahia Principe simply offers a great bargain.”

Buccellato says he recently spoke with a Canadian guest making his 30th trip to a Bahia Principe property. “He told me, ‘I know everybody there. It’s like going home to family.’ And he’s definitely not the only one. We have a very high repeat rate, and many of our guests develop friendships with our staff.”

By joining Bahia Principe Rewards Pro Agents, agents will find it easier to get to know the Bahia Principe properties themselves, up close and personal.

“It’s a great way for them to earn points they can redeem for free stays, spa treatments, romantic dinners, wine selections and more.”


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