Are You Ready To Sell Europe The Royal Way?

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Royal Caribbean International Quiz

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1. How many ships does Royal Caribbean International have in Europe this summer?
2. On Royal Caribbean International ships, 3-5 year-olds are called:
3. How much money did Royal Caribbean International recently invest in a Legend of the Seas makeover?
 $1 million
 $20 million
 $50 million
4. What pledge does Royal Caribbean International offer every guest?
 The Royal Promise
 The Royal Guarantee
 The Royal Advantage
 The Royal Wedding
5. Which of these is one of Royal Caribbean International's 'Ships of Glass'?
 Vision of the Seas
 Serenade of the Seas
 Liberty of the Seas
 Navigator of the Seas
6. What education do Adventure Ocean staff members require?
 Some High School
 College Diploma
 Four-Year Degree
 Life experience
7. Which of these Oasis Class upgrades is not part of the revitalization program?
 More 5-star restaurants
 Move nightlife venues
 More shows and entertainers
 A Barbie parade
8. Which Royal Caribbean International ships cruising Europe this summer features a full‑service Roman spa:
 Legend of the Seas
 Splendour of the Seas
 Serenade of the Seas
 Brilliance of the Seas
9. How many European countries will Royal Caribbean ships visit this year?
10. What is a FlowRider?
 A Southern U.S. state
 A stateroom water-conservation device
 A surfing simulator
 Someone who just goes with it