Congratulations to Tricia Allen,
Okpik Travel, TPI, Inuvik, NT
Tricia has won 5,000 ACV & ME points!

Contest is only open to registered Canadian travel agents.


Contest is only open to registered Canadian travel agents.

1. Selling Europe is the same sales process as when talking to clients about sun product
2. What can clients expect from ACV’s Local Gems program?
 Clients take jeweller making classes using locally sourced materials
 Clients meet local guides and hosts who show them around
 Clients learn about the geological history of a specific area they are visiting
3. What experiences are featured in ACV’s 2019 Europe Collection?
 Lazy beach experiences
 Food-centric experiences
 Thrill seeker experiences
 Fashion experiences
4. What Group has ACV partnered with to create a Portuguese culinary experience itinerary?
 Tasty Portugal Group
 Food Group
 Ferreira Group
 The Portuguese Group
5. What is the name of the program where ACV pre-books select excursions for clients to must-see spots?
 Fun Add-ons
 Extra Stuff
 More Moments
 More To Do
6. ACV has put special care into preparing packages catered towards families
7. Flights and accommodations are taken care of, but clients have freedom of the road with this product offering:
 Get Lost
 All alone
 On Your Own
 Independent Escapes
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