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Living The Vida Local

ACV offers authentic European experiences – guided or independent

From cooking up a storm in an Italian cooking class to strolling through a Portuguese vineyard or tasting tapas in Spain, the Air Canada Vacations’ 2019 Europe Collection showcases countless ways for your clients to experience Europe at its most authentic.

With some 153 vacation packages and 500 cruises on offer, this sleek and stylish brochure is bursting with inspiration for your clients. Whether they’re searching for a more scheduled approach to European exploration with a guided tour, or a more independent-style trip with a flight and hotel package, the vacation options have all been designed to meet your clients’ preferred travel styles.

There are ‘Guided Tours’ for those who want to throw themselves into European food and culture with all the details taken care of, and ‘Independent Escapes’ for those who like the freedom of the road, but with flight and hotel arrangements taken care of.

For those clients who wish to experience a truly authentic European way of life, they can take advantage of ACV’s carefully-curated ‘Local Gems’ feature, which enables them to meet friendly local guides and hosts who are more than happy to show them around. 

“There are two main ways to experience Europe as a local,” explained Dana Gain, senior director, sales, groups and partnerships at ACV. “Firstly, you can take advantage of our partnership with Trafalgar. They have tours where you can see a lot in a very short time in a more scheduled way. Alternatively, you can do what I did when I went to Rome, where I just picked out the attractions I wanted to see.

“It boils down to what kind of vacation your client is looking for. Do they want to be independent and build their own tailormade getaway? Or do they want a package that’s carefully designed and more scheduled? So ask yourself: What’s their travel style?

“Finding out what your client has done in the past will give you enormous insight about what they want to do in the future,” she added. “If historically they’ve enjoyed a structured approach on vacation, it’s a good bet they will continue to do that. The more that you as an agent can find out about their travel style, the better equipped you are to match them to the right vacation.”


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