Congratulations to Linda Gaucher,
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1. How many Canadians have Scottish roots?
 11 million
 5 million
 I canna count that high
2. Scottish Freedom is...
 A separatist movement
 An ACV go-as-you-please package
 The national anthem
 A national rail pass
3. Which of the following is not a Scottish island archipelago?
 Outer Hebrides
4. What animal wears a knitted sweater in Visit Scotland's latest promotion?
 A wild haggis
 A Shetland pony
 A River Tay salmon
 A Scottish terrier
5. For ACV EDI bookings made by April 30, which of these incentives can your clients qualify for?
 Bundle & Save up to $300
 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles
 Free EDI Hop-on Hop-Off Tour
 All of the above
6. Visit Scotland has declared 2013 The Year of?
 Natural Scotland
 Scottish Culture
 Scottish Festivals
 Air Canada rouge
7. Which of the following is not an Edinburgh attraction?
 Royal Mile
 Holyrood Palace
 Ibrox Stadium
 Royal Yacht Britannia
8. The Edinburgh Fringe is:
 A popular Scottish hairstyle
 The world's largest arts festival
 The trim on a kilt
 The wrong part of town
9. How many times per week will AC rouge fly to EDI this summer?
10. What divides Scotland into highlands and lowlands?
 The English border
 The Firth of Forth
 A fault-line
 Clan boundaries