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Bravely Through Bonnie Scotland

EDI is the Perfect Jumping Off Spot

Roots & Wings
Nearly 5 million Canadians have Scottish roots – close to the current population of Scotland itself. That’s a big potential travel market, but it doesn’t end there. Thanks in part to the enduring popularity of films like Braveheart and the recent Academy Award-winning Brave, there are plenty of people without Scottish roots intrigued at the prospect of visiting England’s northern neighbour.

Scotland is a land of historic castles, wild and beautiful scenery, warm, welcoming people, a rich history and a thriving contemporary culture. It is also the famed home of usquebaugh – Gaelic for ‘water of life’ – better known as Scotch whisky.

Raising a wee dram in Scotland is easier than ever

With Air Canada Vacations’ new program to the Scottish capital Edinburgh – taking off aboard new Air Canada leisure carrier rouge beginning July 2nd – raising a wee dram in Scotland is easier than ever. What’s more, Edinburgh is the perfect jumping off spot for a trip through the land the Romans called Caledonia. It’s just an hour’s drive to the great city of Glasgow, and a similar distance from Perthshire -- the gateway to the glorious Scottish Highlands.

Aberdeen Castle

Small But Mighty
Scotland comprises the northern 3rd of the island of Great Britain, and has close to 800 islands of its own scattered off its coasts, in archipelagos known as the Orkneys, the Shetlands and the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Its only land border is a 96-kilometre stretch that separates it from England. Scotland itself is split by a geographic fault-line that resulted in Highlands to the north and west of the country, Lowlands to the south and east, where most of the population resides.

The country boasts a stunning topographical diversity packed into a compact space – it’s only about the size of South Carolina. On a driving vacation, if you don’t like the scenery, wait 5 minutes, it changes that quickly. (The weather is about the same – showers can turn to sun and back again quick as a wink.)

The Scots are a proud people and a welcoming one. Enter a pub, even in the smallest village, and if you’re up for a conversation, you’re sure to find one. There’s a wide range of quality accommodations, ranging from B&Bs to castles and manor houses. And while you’re sure to find a fish & chips shop in most towns and villages, you’ll also find fine restaurants using local produce, fruits of the sea and delicious local lamb, salmon and venison.

500 Ways To Say Fore!
For golf lovers, Scotland is a dream. St. Andrews is known as the ‘Home of Golf’ and its Old Course dates back an amazing 600 years. The 1st standardized rules of the game were written by a group of Edinburgh golfers in 1774. Scotland is home to more than 500 courses, many of them challenging ‘links’ tracks located between the sea and arable farm land. There are plenty of 1st class golf resorts where your clients can stay and play.

Scotland, Naturally
While Edinburgh and Glasgow offer all the urban pleasures a visitor could desire, much of Scotland’s appeal is in its rich natural blessings. From the barren beauty of Highland moors to the golden beaches of the Hebridean islands, the fertile river valleys of the Lowlands to the jagged Cuilins of the Isle of Skye, Scotland’s natural beauty never fails to amaze.

Visit Scotland has declared 2013 The Year Of Natural Scotland. You’ve probably seen the unbearably cute photos of Shetland ponies in knitted Shetland jumpers. The photos went viral offering terrific return for the nation’s tourism dollars. Promotions and events throughout the year will encourage visitors to explore and experience Scotland’s biodiversity and natural beauty.

Take The High Road
“Be happy while you’re living,” begins a Scottish proverb. “You’re a long time dead.” Any culture wise enough to come up with that philosophy is well worth a visit. If your clients don’t have any Scottish roots before they visit, they’re sure to have some on their return. It’s a destination to sell with confidence.


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