Encore Cruises
We're Loyal To Travel Agents Quiz!

Congratulations to the 100 agents who earned 500 TC Loyalty Points!


1. How Is EncoreCruises Loyal To Travel Agents:
 EncoreCruises does not sell direct
 EncoreCruises only sells cruises
 EncoreCruises offers commission on both air + cruise
 All of the above
2. How many gateways does Encore offer service from?
3. On Royal Caribbean International ships, 3-5 year-olds are called:
4. How much money did Royal Caribbean International recently invest in a Legend of the Seas makeover?
 $1 million
 $20 million
 $50 million
5. When booking flights with Encore confirmation is immediate:
6. Which of these is one of Royal Caribbean International's 'Ships of Glass'?
 Vision of the Seas
 Serenade of the Seas
 Liberty of the Seas
 Navigator of the Seas
7. What do clients receive when you book a 2013 European Sailing?
 Complimentary spa treatment
 Complimentary cell phone
 Complimentary meal
 Complimentary drinks
8. Which of these Oasis Class upgrades is not part of the revitalization program?
 More 5-star restaurants
 Move nightlife venues
 More shows and entertainers
 A Barbie parade
9. How many European countries will Royal Caribbean ships visit this year?
10. Hundreds of flight combinations are available for clients to arrive at their destination as conveniently as possible