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With Cunard There Is So Much To Do…

And the luxury of time to do it!

Luxury can mean many things.

With Cunard, luxury means the space to enjoy an amazing ship that carries far fewer guests than ships of comparable size.

It means the luxury of time to savour all of the onboard amenities during a transatlantic crossing or on sea days of longer voyages.

It means the luxury of enjoying signature White Star Service that makes every guest feel like a very important person.

In short, Cunard offers luxury on a grand scale.

“When you take a crossing, there’s seven days of absolute pure time for you,” says Josh Leibowitz, SVP, Cunard North America. “This is the last land you’re going to see for seven days. Take a deep breath. This is the freshest, cleanest air in the world. You have time, the ultimate luxury.”

Recent research that included responses from 1,000 consumers revealed the top three reasons they wanted to sail with Cunard. “Our guests want to feel special, inspired and free."

Leibowitz says Cunard delivers on all three fronts. When it comes to feeling ‘special,’ he points to Cunard’s famed White Star Service, delivered through extensive training and the fact there is one crew member for every two guests.

To encourage the feeling of ‘freedom,’ Cunard’s ships offer more sq. ft. per passenger, leaving guests free to explore and experience without feeling crowded or rushed. There’s the flexibility to dress to the nines for gala dinners, or choose a more casual experience. And there’s the freedom of time provided by the high ratio of sea days.

As to the third consumer desire, to “feel inspired,” Cunard has that covered too. The line offers legendary voyages to and from iconic cities. It offers a storied history that can be explored while aboard one of the three Queens. It features world-class ‘Insights’ programs, with speakers that include well-known historians, explorers, top diplomats, politicians, scientists and other notable experts. And it features special events voyages, highlighting events and passions including Fashion Week, genealogy themed cruises, wine explorations and ‘Big Band Ball’ sailings for lovers of great dance music.

“Cruising with Cunard is really a chance to celebrate life,” says Leibowitz. “Our research shows that our guests want to relax, have fun and have all their senses stimulated. They want to learn and engage, and every two or three nights they want to get all dressed up and dance in an incredibly elegant ballroom.”

Leibowitz says a frequent comment from guests on transatlantic crossings is: “I think I’ll stay on board today.” It is said with a cat-swallowed-the-canary smile, reflecting the luxury of time and richness of choice on the Queens.

On a Cunard ship, each day offers almost endless opportunities to try something new. There are the largest libraries at sea. There’s the elegant 1,000-seat Royal Court Theatre, presenting rousing musicals and unforgettable high-tech productions. There’s shuffleboard and paddle tennis on deck, golf simulators, sports bars, spa offerings, movie screenings, afternoon tea, casino action, multiple specialty restaurants and much more.

Leibowitz calls the cuisine on Cunard ships “incredible,” from the four main dining areas to the specialty and pop-up restaurants offering diverse fare. “We carry a global group of passengers and so there is an incredible range of food on board.”

He admits to a weakness for the scones served during traditional afternoon tea. “There’s nothing like them. I fight with myself: Is this a one scone day? A two-scone day? A three-scone day? There’s absolutely nothing like them.”

With an increased presence in the North American market, Leibowitz and colleague Steve Smotrys, Director of Sales, North America, say sales are increasing at a double-digit pace.

“We have a product that speaks to the Canadian market,” says Smotrys. “It’s definitely a growing market and it’s also a priority. We believe there’s a lot of headroom for growth for Cunard in Canada and we want to share that potential with our agent partners. The feedback we get from agents after their first clients cruise with us is always amazing. They can feel incredibly confident in recommending Cunard.”


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