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Cunard Is More Than A Cruise, It’s A Grand Voyage

Whether crossing the Atlantic or exploring far-off oceans

As iconic as it is for nearly two centuries of transatlantic crossings in grand style, Cunard is an expert on all the world’s oceans. With three Queens – and soon to be a fourth – setting off in all directions each year, it’s easy for Cunard’s Josh Leibowitz to state: “Your clients can see any part of the world with Cunard.”

Oceans of Discovery, by Cunard, is the branding for the line’s 2019 and 2020 voyages. The menu is made up of three sections: Grand Voyages, by Cunard; Regions of the World, by Cunard; and The World Voyage, by Cunard.

Grand Voyages explore legendary sailing routes to historic and exotic destinations. They offer more sea days, giving travellers the luxury of time to discover onboard peace and possibilities. Following legendary sea routes, these journeys include enticing itineraries like Southampton to San Francisco, Hong Kong to Capetown and Tokyo to Vancouver. The luxury of time at sea combined with stops at fabled ports make a Cunard Grand Voyage a trip to remember.

Regions of the World cruises are slightly shorter in duration and feature more ports of call. They can be combined in various ways to create a customized travel experience, to and from the cities of your clients’ choice. Regions explored include Africa & the Indian Ocean, Australia & New Zealand, Asia and South America.

The World Voyage is a lifelong dream for many, accessible to a lucky few. But every stretch of the route offers thrilling destinations, and shorter segments are available, ranging in length from one to three weeks. These can be combined in various ways to allow you to help plan your clients’ personalized travel experience, to and from their preferred destinations.

In 2019, Queen Victoria will embark on a classic Western circumnavigation of the globe via the Panama Canal, taking guests to the far side of the globe and home on a leisurely 107-night adventure showcasing destinations in the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2020, Queen Mary 2 will embark on Cunard's only World Voyage, a round trip from Southampton (99 nights) or New York (113 nights). This classic journey of global exploration will be an East-West voyage to Australia and Asia, with the Mediterranean, Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and Southern Africa.

In what is great news for Cunard lovers, the line will head back to Alaska in 2019, for the first time in 20 years, when Queen Elizabeth starts sailing 10-night cruises in and out of Vancouver.

“We’re really excited about the return to Alaska. And with 10-day trips your clients will see both glaciers, and six ports, including a full day in Victoria,” Leibowitz says.

Those journeys will be able to be paired with Rocky Mountaineer, giving agents a chance to tie their clients’ sailings to the award-winning rail tours through British Columbia that perfectly complement the Cunard experience.

In the Northeast, Cunard will continue sailing roundtrip Canada and New England itineraries out of New York, where there is “lots of demand to explore that beautiful region in Cunard style.”

And, of course, there are the 7-night transatlantic voyages on the QM2. Leibowitz says many make it a roundtrip from New York, with a stay in London. “That’s truly a grand voyage,” he says.

The Cunard fleet may be only three ships at this point, but there’s lots to learn about the onboard experience, itineraries and shore opportunities. For agents, the online Cunard Academy is the place to learn everything you need to successfully sell the product.

It’s about a 15-hour investment in time that offers some of the richest rewards in the industry – including the opportunity to set sail on one of Cunard’s extraordinary Queens. Other perks include an Insiders’ e-Newsletter and Loyalty Member Onboard Benefits.

“That’s our main message to agents,” says Leibowitz. “North American guests are loving what we’re doing. And we want you to come aboard, look at us, look at what we do and the experience we offer, and think of the clients who would feel special, inspired and free on a Cunard voyage.”


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