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Congratulations to the prize winner:

Ashley Patrick of LUXE Destination Weddings, Toronto, ON


Contest is only open to registered Canadian travel agents.

1. What is the main theme at Melody Maker Cancun?
2. Melody Maker Cancun attracts superstar DJs and performers from across the globe
3. What demographic is Melody Maker Cancun focused on?
 Professional millennials
 Young families
 Multigeneration groups
4. How many bonus Aeroplan Miles can your clients earn by booking an ACV Spotlight Collection property?
 50 per couple
 1,000 per couple
 4,000 per couple
 6,000 per couple
5. The Melody Maker Cancun concert schedule primarily runs during the winter months
6. What vibe can clients enjoy at Melody Maker Cancun?
 Las Vegas glamour
 Parisian Chic
 Country Western
 California casual
7. Which ACV Collection is Melody Maker Cancun a part of?
 Family Vacation
 Luxury Vacation
 Spa Vacation
 Spotlight Collection
ACTA Approved