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Draw date: June 28, 2019
Contest is only open to registered Canadian travel agents.


Contest is only open to registered Canadian travel agents.

1. Repeat travellers make up Tauck's largest single source of business every year
2. Which description best describes the typical Tauck clientele
 University students travelling abroad
 50+, culturally curious, affluent, working and retired individuals
 Spiritual retreat groups
 30-something newlyweds
3. Tauck does not advertise to the public
4. How many full-time Tauck directors are present on every sailing?
5. Within what timeframe has Tauck’s fleet been built or completely redesigned
 The past 4 years
 The past 10 years
 The past 15 years
6. What experience can clients expect when travelling with Tauck
 A meditation experience
 A spa experience
 A destination experience
 A hotel experience
7. Tauck shore excursions include privileged access to some of the world’s most enduring and sought-after locations
8. What does Tauck’s all-inclusive price include?
 All gratuities, shore excursions, unlimited WiFi
 Complimentary beverages including regional wine, beer, premium spirits, specialty coffee and water
 All entertainment
 All Enrichment programs
 All of the above
ACTA Approved