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On Land Or Water, Tauck Is Tauck

Tauck maintains consistent, unforgettable quality on all its offerings

Tauck has been connecting people and places, on land and rivers all over the world, for 94 years.

Steve Spivak, VP Global Sales and Partner Relations for the company, says those nine decades of experience have cemented a culture of excellence that permeates everything Tauck does.

“‘Do the right thing’ is a key value of the Tauck family, and we all have such a sense of purpose in what we do. There’s a reason people travel with Tauck again and again, and that’s because we provide experiences you can’t have anywhere else.”

Tauck isn’t cheap. (See what we did there?) But as Benjamin Franklin wisely stated: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Warren Buffett put it more simply: “Price is what you pay and value is what you get.”

No matter how you travel with Tauck it will always feel the same, always come with that sense of caring. And that's what luxury is.

What you get with Tauck is an enhanced way of seeing the world. Partly, that’s because Tauck tour directors are full time employees – not contract staff – and they average more than a decade working closely with the company. On the increasingly popular Tauck river and small ship cruises, there are four director-level Tauck employees on every sailing, where competitors have one. That translates to personalized service at a very high level.

“We’ve learned over the years that what consumers really want is to have their dreams fulfilled for one upfront price,” says Spivak. “And that’s why repeat travellers are our largest single source of business every year. No matter how you travel with Tauck it will always feel the same, always come with that sense of caring. And that’s what luxury is.”

The Tauck Difference: Amazing Access

Some of the things that set Tauck apart are very tangible. The most important is privileged access to some of the world’s most enduring and sought-after locations. Like an after-hours visit to the Louvre, where Mona Lisa’s smile can be enjoyed for more than a few seconds at a time. Or an early morning visit to Monet’s garden, before the lines of coaches arrive.

“These are experiences that define access and exclusivity,” says Spivak. “I’ve seen guests lie down on the floor of the Sistine Chapel to absorb its incredible beauty.” 

Yes, such access comes at a price, but as Tauck points out, it is a price over 40% cheaper than if guests put together a similar trip on their own. 

Typical Tauck Clients

According to Tauck Managing Director International Sales Jackie Coulson, typical Tauck clients are well-educated, 50+, culturally curious, affluent travelers. Strong targets are past clients of upscale products including Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, Silversea, Insight Gold, Big Five and Abercrombie & Kent.

Tauck Tools For Advisors

Selling a supplier that more than 50% of clients return to is good business. As Coulson says: “Once you sell a client on any Tauck product, you can cross sell them to all the others.” Spivak adds: “Selling Tauck is a great recipe for growing your business. We don’t advertise to the public. We rely on the expertise of travel advisors and the word of mouth from happy travellers.”

Strong earning potential, dedicated sales support and an enviable track record of satisfied clients are all powerful reasons for agents to take a close look at Tauck.  

As Tauck CEO Dan Mahar frequently says – “you can’t return a holiday.” The corollary is that if you can help your clients find the best possible trip for their precious vacation time, they’ll return to you again and again.

It’s time to talk Tauck.


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