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Judge This! A 324-Page Vacation Brochure

You asked for a big stage on which to flaunt your booking talents

The paper brochure is not dead. Travellers still like to spend time on the couch, reviewing the options for their much-anticipated vacations. That’s one of the first things WestJet learned from the Travel Agent Advisory Board (TAAB).

The result was a return to paper last year, with a 164-page brochure that Director, Agency Sales Jane Clementino says was well received by the trade and consumers. But the TAAB group still wasn’t satisfied.

“They told us they loved what we put out, but clients still wanted full hotel descriptions. We listened, and this year we’ve brought back a ‘big’ brochure – 324 pages with over 450 hotel descriptions, more than many brochures in the industry.” Clementino says.

"We’ve brought back a ‘big’ brochure – 324 pages with with over 450 hotel descriptions.”

The new brochure, officially launching May 9th, is the first since 2012-2013 to include such comprehensive hotel descriptions.

Another ask from TAAB: get the brochure out earlier.

“The 2016-2017 English-language brochure will be available for order in the second week in May at, followed shortly after by a French-language version,” says Clementino. “Last year it was late July/early August when we released the brochure. The early release gives agents more time to promote our early booking bonuses and give clients the best selection of dates and resorts.”

Other brochure highlights include:

  • Hotels at a glance section
  • Flights at a glance section
  • Over 55 destination overviews including maps with hotel locations
  • Carefully selected theme vacation collections (family, groups, adults, luxury)
  • WestJet Vacations terms and conditions
Clementino says the 2016-2017 WestJet Vacations brochure effectively showcases some of the great product WestJet Vacations has to offer and compliments the great guest experience of WestJet Vacations packages that agents have come to trust.


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