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Uplift: Where There’s Ziva Or Zilara, There’s ACV

“A strong relationship that continues to grow”

How does the Air Canada Vacations client experience mesh with Hyatt Ziva & Zilara’s upscale all-inclusive offering?

ACV Area Sales Manager, Tyler Mattioli, has a quick answer to that question. “When I arrived for a visit to the Hyatt Ziva and Zilara properties in Montego Bay, 60% of the pax sitting in Premium rouge were at the Hyatt check-in. I think that says a lot.”

Playa Hotels & Resorts Director of Sales, Canada Rose Cosentino shares Mattioli’s views on the complementary relationship between the two companies.

“How ACV has enhanced the Air Canada rouge product works perfectly with our target audience,” Consentino says. “And from a tour operator perspective, ACV is a big partner for us. They fly to all our destinations and they are very supportive of the product. It’s a true partnership.”

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall Exterior

Mattioli says the fact that the Jamaica properties were formerly a Ritz-Carlton definitely assumed a certain level of standard. But Ziva and Zilara exceeded expectations. “You expect something grand and what you get is something more than that. Hyatt didn’t skimp on any details.”

Visiting the Jamaica properties on 2 occasions 4 months apart also gave Mattioli the opportunity to witness Playa/Hyatt’s commitment to constant improvement.

“They’re spending money on all the key touchpoints – the beach, the rooms, the dining – and they’re constantly tweaking and improving to give it that Ziva and Zilara feel. They’ve really captured what our elite guests want to have – and it’s not a huge upgrade to get it.”

ACV’s decision to hold a conference at the all-ages Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall and Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall properties was a clear vote of confidence for the young brands.

“There’s not a bad room in the complex,” says Mattioli. “Really nice, well thought-out accommodations come with spacious balconies. There’s 24-hour room service for every category. Ziva and Zilara are seen as very expensive, high-end brands, but the prices are actually very reasonable for the quality of the product. Agents do not have to worry about the clients they send there.”

ACV’s job is to get Ziva and Zilara guests there in comfort and style. With their extensive route network and frequent flights, both Air Canada rouge and the mainline (on the PVR route) have that in hand.

“From west to east, we have lift to wherever there are Hyatt Ziva and Zilara properties,” says Mattioli. “And with our 64 connector cities across Canada, we’re an ideal choice for wedding and other groups. We can take care of all the group members.”

With ACV’s wedding groups program, when there are 20 pax or more the bride and groom enjoy an upgraded flight – either to Premium rouge or Executive Class -- and often get an on-property upgrade as well, Mattioli says. “And the best part is that adults, kids and families can all be together on one property while enjoying experiences that match their preferences. It works out perfectly.”


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