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All Inclusive Hyatt? Your Clients Will Want To Buy It!

Hyatt takes a good thing & makes it better

Canadian travellers know that Hyatt can run a great hotel. The brand has been synonymous with superior accommodations for just shy of 60 years. But could Hyatt run a good all-inclusive?

That was a question in the minds of some Canadian travel industry members when they learned of the company’s plans to launch the Ziva and Zilara brands in partnership with Playa Hotels & Resorts.

After all, Canucks have embraced the all-inclusive model of sun destination travel perhaps more than any other nationality. From cheap & cheerful to lap of luxury, we’ve been there and done that. So for this global EP hotel brand to enter the market and claim to be elevating the AI model – well, we’d be the judge of that.

Guess what? They’ve done it. Open Jaw has experienced and reviewed the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos and the Hyatt Ziva Cancun, with two different writers undeniably impressed by the quality and thoughtful touches of the rooms and suites, the diverse and high-quality food and beverage options and the ‘service from the heart’ philosophy that staff have embraced.

Rose Cosentino is another Canadian who had to be convinced that Hyatt could take the all-inclusive resort concept to a new level. Clearly she was, as the travel industry veteran took on the position of Playa Resorts Director of Sales, Canada last year.

“I come from the agent world and I still relate from an agent’s perspective. If I don’t believe in a product I can’t sell it. When I got to know the people from Playa and Hyatt and when I got to see firsthand the results of their vision, I found a product that I can be very proud of. We can always be better – and we will – but I totally embrace what we have.”

It’s important for Cosentino to embrace the product she’s selling, of course, but it’s essential for Canada’s travel agents to feel that same confidence in recommending the Hyatt Ziva and Zilara brands to their clients. Cosentino says great progress has been made on that front in the past year.

“We’ve witnessed a huge difference in terms of level of awareness, engagement and excitement. At first it was ‘Who are you?’ ‘Hyatt what?’ Now it’s a 180-degree turnaround, a completely different level of response.”

What’s most gratifying for Cosentino is that when she speaks to Canadian agents who have toured or stayed at the properties, their comments almost invariably touch on at least one of the four pillars of the Hyatt/Playa all-inclusive model: spectacular locations; premium food and beverage offerings; genuine service from the heart; and accommodations that exceed expectations, from the decadence of swim-up suites to delicious balcony ocean views.

“Agents are drooling at the mouth over the beauty of the Cancun property with ocean on 3 sides and a phenomenal beach. They rave about the rooms, especially the tiny, thoughtful touches that stick in your mind,” Cosentino says.

“They love that there’s no restrictions on a la carte restaurants, because they have an incredible meal in a restaurant and want to go back the next night. And they’ve got nothing but praise for the staff and their hand over heart greetings. They feel that it is genuine, because it is.”

Hyatt Ziva and Zilara may have four distinct pillars supporting their AI model, but Cosentino says that within that framework there’s lots of room for differentiation between the properties in Cancun, PVR, Los Cabos and Montego Bay.

“Each property is unique. These are not cookie-cutter resorts. The restaurants are different at each property, and each resort brings something of the local culture into their design, cuisine and entertainment.”

That means things like the Barefoot Jerkz jerk chicken shack serving spicy, smoky meats on the beach in Montego Bay. Or the fine Jamaican coffee served at Grindz at the same resort, and the tasty Chiapas beans brewed up at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos’s Coffee House. Hyatt Ziva Cancun even has its own microbrewery, creating three cervezas served on-property.

“Hyatt Ziva and Zilara offer a truly different all-inclusive experience, with many premium inclusions like complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the properties and top-shelf liquors,” says Cosentino.

“But agents shouldn’t be scared off. We’re not uber-luxury and we’re not pretentious in any way. For clients with high standards seeking great value, we offer something very special.”


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