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Congratulations to the prize winner:

Cindy Collins of Woodstock Travel, Waterloo, ON.


Contest is only open to registered Canadian travel agents.

1. Why would clients want to travel to Europe during the off-season?
 Less crowded
 More temperate weather
 Lower prices
 Unique season activities to explore
 All of the above
2. Selling Europe packages is the same as selling the Caribbean
3. What feature characterizes ACV’s Independent Escape package?
 Clients are on their own to plan their trip
 Clients can customize their trip while still benefiting from all-in-one pricing
 Clients must pay separate pricing for each element of their trip
4. The summer period is the ideal time to book autumn travel
5. What is included in ACV’s Europe travel packages?
 Several meals
 All of the above
6. Which Tour Operators has ACV partnered with to offer guided tour packages?
 Discover The world, Trafalgar, Travel Now
 Insight Vacations,Trafalgar, Contiki
 Europe Tours, See The World, Trafalgar
 Forever Travels, Insight Vacations, Go Far Adventures
7. What ACV package add-on allows clients to explore a destination even further?
 Give Me More
 More Moments
 More Stuff
 More Fun
ACTA Approved