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Selling Europe Is Child’s Play!

ACV’s easy peasy packages include air, hotel, private transfers & meals

Europe isn't a "one size fits all" destination, with some travellers preferring an expertly curated trip, while other want more hands-on control of what they do, where they go and what they see.

Air Canada Vacations has made it effortless for you to book a European holiday fit for your client's travel style. They’ve taken the simple concept of a sun package and applied some of those essentials to European packages – so you don’t have to go searching for air, hotel, transfers and tours on your own.

ACV's turn-key packages include: Guided Tours, Independent Escapes, the Island Hopping packages and even Cruise Vacations.

Travellers can earn Aeroplan Miles with any of these packages, a major plus, and for clients planning a getaway with 10 or more people, ACV also offers special rates for group vacations for up to two years before the departure date.

With ACV's Guided Tours, delivered in partnership with award-winning operators Insight Vacations, Trafalgar and Contiki, clients can discover Europe's incredible culture, gastronomy and attractions through an masterfully organized tour alongside an experienced guide.

Clients can truly leave their worries at home, as the big details are all included:

  • Flights
  • Private airport transfers (on select tours)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Train transportation (Guided Tours by Rail)
  • Hotel-to-Hotel luggage service (Guided Tours by Rail)

These tours tend to be longer in duration – often spanning 11 or more days – and sometimes cover multiple countries, as well. They're the ultimate way of traipsing around multiple destinations in one trip, seeing and doing as much as possible.

For clients eager to run the show and call the shots of their vacation plans, ACV's Independent Escapes offer a variety of packages in the region's most popular, timeless metropolises and their environs.

Independent Escape packages include return airfare, great hotel choices, private transfers and daily breakfast in one convenient package that, when paired with the perks of autumn travel, make exploring Europe even easier.

"When you're selling Europe, it's not like selling a sun package for seven days where you pick the resort, pick the dates for your flight and it's done," says Dana Gain, Senior Director, Sales, Groups and Partnerships with Air Canada Vacations. "With Europe, everybody wants to customize, so with the Independent Escape package, what we're trying to do is allow some customization while still allowing the benefits of an all-in price, offering that flexibility within a package."

On top of that, each package is tailored with More Moments activities that facilitate exploring a destination even further. Depending on the package, clients can also choose from several hotel categories and optional activities at an additional cost.

"More Moments are a way of having some add-on features, such as tourist attractions or coach tours. It allows you to have some of that customization while still benefitting from a packaged or bundled price," says Gain.

Apart from round-trip airfare, 7 nights of accommodation, private transfers, and 7 meals, ACV's Barcelona Your Way tour, for example, also includes four More Moments activities that include a 24-hour pass on a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus, an excursion to the 1,000 -year-old monastery on Montserrat, a half-day Barcelona Panoramic Tour and a chance to skip the lineup at Sagrada Familia. The value of all these activities is already included in the tour.

The best part about the Independent Escape packages is that they strike the perfect balance between curated excursions and enough free time that clients still have a chance to get lost in the city's streets, do something spontaneous, and meander lazily without being on a schedule.

When selling European packages, Gain underlines the importance of asking the right questions and highlights that selling Europe packages requires a different approach than selling the Caribbean.

"Most of the hotels in Europe are smaller and old so we might get 20 rooms in a hotel, whereas in Cancun we might have 500. So there's a big difference in how a Europe product is built versus a sun product. I think that in itself is good advice for agents," she says. "When you're talking about Europe, don't go into that conversation the same way that you're going into it with sun. It's more complicated. Agents need to qualify more, ask more questions, ask what kinds of things the client wants to experience. These are questions they should be asking anyway, but it's much more important for Europe."

These, and all of Air Canada Vacation's Europe packages can be found in the Europe brochure & online.


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