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Making Some Mayan Magic

‘Last Witnesses’ tour gives Sandos Playacar guests insights into Maya culture

Gorgeous beach? Tick. Family-friendly facilities and activities? Tick. Relaxing adult-only sections? Tick. Fabulous dining options? Tick.

But when you have a client who wants to explore beyond the Sandos Playacar Beach Resort -- to really immerse themselves in what life is like on the Riviera Maya -- how can you make sure they’re going to have an authentic and respectful experience? And even do some good for the local community while they’re at it?

The answer is the Last Witnesses tour, a cultural experience that benefits the Sandos Foundation. The foundation supports the local community by developing programs that improve the lives of the people living in the Riviera Maya, and the proceeds from the Last Witnesses tour go to improve schools in the local community.

From admiring a hidden pyramid to meeting one of the last Maya survivors of the Yucatan Caste War, the unique Last Witnesses tour will definitely enrich your client’s perspective of this ancient and awe-inspiring culture. 

“The Last Witnesses tour brings together the idea of getting to know about Maya traditions with the concept of giving something back to the community,” enthused Heidi Verschaeve, director of business development at Sandos Hotels and Resorts. 

“Your clients will visit archaeological sites and the Maya town of Señor. There they will meet a Maya family and see how they grow and cook their food,” said Verschaeve. 

“We find that Canadians are very interested in this experience; they really want to get to know the country and the culture they’re visiting. They get excited about having contact with an authentic Maya family in an authentic Maya village. And they learn how the Maya people respect nature. I think that’s something that really goes hand in hand with Canadian culture as well.”

As it’s a charitable endeavour, there are no commissions up for grabs, but that doesn’t mean that there are no advantages for the travel agents who book the Last Witnesses tour for their culture vulture clients.

“The benefit for the agent is a happy client!” added Verschaeve. “These clients are always really impressed that they got to know a real Maya family and speak to a survivor of the Yucatan Caste War. That’s something truly unique.”


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