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UNSPOILED: What Makes Puerto Plata Pop?

ACV’s Puerto Plata value proposition: silver product on a tin budget

Punta Cana is an amazing destination and one of the most popular spots for Canadian sun-seekers. But there’s more to the Dominican Republic than PUJ so maybe it’s time to introduce your clients to the Puerto Plata area, which offers a huge range of activities, attractions and value-priced resorts for today’s travellers seeking more than just a beach.

“We think it’s time that Puerto Plata had some of the spotlight,” says Dana Gain, Senior Director Sales, Groups & Partnerships for Air Canada Vacations. “It’s very easy to get to with Air Canada Vacations, it offers a huge range of adventurous, natural, cultural and historical attractions – and it is very budget-friendly.”

Where the New World Began

Puerto Plata is often referred to as “where the New World began,” because Christopher Columbus arrived with a fleet of 17 ships and 1,500 people in 1493. The goal was to establish a permanent settlement and search for gold, silver and other precious metals.

It didn’t go so well. A combination of crop failures, sickness and hurricanes sapped the spirit of the settlers and there was little gold to be found. By 1498 the settlement had been abandoned in favour of a new location on the south coast -- Santo Domingo, now the D.R.’s largest city.

"We think it’s time that Puerto Plata had some of the spotlight."

Where Columbus failed, later arrivals succeeded, and Puerto Plata is now the country’s 9th-largest city, and the largest on the D.R.’s north coast. As ACV describes it, the area “captivates visitors from around the world with an intoxicating potion of Latin American culture, incredible natural beauty, and the extraordinary kindness of its people.”

Golden Sands & Cooling Breezes

While PUJ is famous for its white sand beaches, in POP the sands are golden, the beaches are wide and the cooling wind from the North Atlantic makes the area a hotbed for wind- and kite-surfing and sailing. The area is home to famous surfing beaches, plus popular cities and villages like Playa Dorado, Sosua, Cabarete and Cofresi. It became major cruise port with the opening of Carnival Corp’s Amber Cove in October, 2015. It quickly became a favourite for cruise passengers, largely due to the amazing variety of excursions available.

“Our product people tell me that POP has something for every kind of clientele, and offers an amazing high-end product for a great price,” says Gain. “Because it’s the ‘Silver Port,’ we like to call it ‘silver product on a tin budget.’ We offer 10 properties in the Puerto Plata area, with a strong focus on families.”

With Air Canada Vacations’ extensive network of flights – and great connector fares from 66 Canadian cities -- the operator offers the frequency and flexibility your clients need to travel to Puerto Plata this summer, fall and winter season.

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Summer Flights to Puerto Plata

  • Montreal to Puerto Plata flights operate on Tuesdays through 23OCT, 2018 onboard Air Canada Rouge
  • Toronto to Puerto Plata flights operate on Tuesdays through 30OCT, 2018 onboard Air Canada Rouge

Winter Flights to Puerto Plata

    • Montreal to Puerto Plata flights will operate on Sundays starting 28OCT, 2018 through to 21APR, 2019 onboard Air Canada Rouge
    • Montreal to Puerto Plata flights will also operate Mondays and Wednesdays starting 17DEC, 2018 through to 29APR, 2019 on board Air Canada Rouge
    • Toronto to Puerto Plata flights will operate on Tuesdays starting 30OCT, 2018 through to 30APR, 2019 and Thursdays starting 20DEC, 2018 through 28MAR, 2019

Keep reading this Headliner as we take a closer look at the many POP-ular options available for your clients, from excursions to ACV’s top properties in the destination.


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