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The most amazing adventure park you've ever seen at a resort!

At Barceló Maya Grand Resort, a Caribbean vacation can go from beachy bliss to adrenaline rush in mere seconds, with a new amusement park located right on-property.

At the new Ventura Fly and Ride -- the most comprehensive adventure park in the Mexican Caribbean that opened earlier this year -- guests can experience 11 exciting attractions without ever leaving the Barceló Maya Grand Resort.

Not only does Ventura Fly and Ride bring added excitement and value to a stay at the property, but it offers an awesome Polaris off-road adventure and other activities like zip lines, go-karts and much more.

Ventura Fly has eight unique overhead attractions where guests can fly along a circuit of seven zip lines or be challenged by a track of 10 rope walks met with a bungee swing and height-defying suspension bridges along the course.

Other daring adventures include a controlled free-fall from a real airplane's wing and a kids-friendly adventure through the Netland labyrinth.

There's also the world-acclaimed zip-line roller coaster Tarzania, a hybrid in which guests come to grips with a gravity-driven thrill while enjoying great views of both the Caribbean sea and the sky. Keeping the highs coming is the Plane Coaster that takes off from an altitude of almost 30 metres.

Those who prefer to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground will favour the second area of the park, Ventura Ride, where it's all about adrenaline-pumping wheels.

Guests can choose from three different vehicle adventures: Polaris off-road vehicles, quad bikes that seat four people, making them ideal for the whole family, or a 1,000 metre-long Go-Kart track.

The comfort of not having to leave the Barceló Maya Grand Resort and the exclusive thrills of the family amusement park really allow guests to make the most of their vacation.

Ventura Fly & Ride is Ventura Entertainment’s 16th venue worldwide and its 9th in the Yucatan Peninsula. The company is also behind another amusement park in Mexico, Selvatica, which won Latin America’s Best Adventure Park (World Travel Awards) and Cancun’s #1 Attraction for 12 years in a row (TripAdvisor).

Various admission package options are available, depending on how much time guests want to spend at the park. A single-day adult pass with access to both Ventura Fly and Ride goes for US$79, while a child pass is US$59.


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