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Paradise Called And Transat Delivered!

It’s Cubamania month and Canadians can’t get enough of Cuba

Ask Susan Kooiman what’s so alluring about Cuba, and Transat’s senior business development representative for key accounts is not short of answers…

“I love that it’s a nice quick flight to get to paradise,” she enthused. “It really doesn’t take long and you get off that plane and you’ve got the heat and the warm welcome. You hear the Cuban music playing and the people are so welcoming and you get to that resort – and you just know you’re in the right place.

“Paradise called, and Transat delivered!” she laughed.

“Cuba is known for its beaches, which are just fantastic – especially the ones in the Cayo Santa Maria area. With beautiful white sand, I would describe them as something that’s straight out of National Geographic. That really is what keeps Canadian clients coming back.”

As Transat celebrates Cubamania this month, a promotion that allows you to offer instant savings of up to $800 per couple at a great selection of Cuban properties – with a special focus on Gaviota resorts in Holguin – now is a great time to talk to your clients about Transat’s offering to the ‘Pearl of the Antilles.’

“Cuba is a year-round destination for Transat,” added Kooiman, “Which is something that we’re very proud of. We have flights from the west, a very large program from Toronto and Montreal and services from Atlantic Canada as well. We also have a domestic program, so if we don’t fly from where you are, take a look and see if your client can do a connecter to get to Cuba.”

Transat has placed family travel at the heart of its offering to Cuba.

“Not only do the resorts offer great family activities all day long, but we also have our kids’ club onboard Air Transat,” explained Kooiman. “It’s a great selling point for families because it’s free and your clients get priority check-in and boarding, as well as a little goodie bag to keep the kids busy on the flight.”

Another big selling point is Cuba’s natural ability to provide two-location vacations. Transat’s ‘Duo Packages’ are one of the supplier’s staples, offering your clients the “best of both worlds,” as Kooiman puts it.

“If you don’t want to stay on the beach for the whole time, but you also don’t want to be in the city the whole time, we marry those two together and give you a few days on the beach and a few days in Havana. You can do this weekly or you can do it for two weeks at a time. We provide the transfers between Varadero and Havana and people love it.

"But people just love Cuba as a whole,” concluded Kooiman. “It’s a comfort zone for Canadians. It’s been around in the market for quite some time and people love it because it guarantees great music, great beaches and great people. Canadians know it and they just love it.”


Bonnie Eccles
August 19, 2019 at 17:30

Yes, I've been to 11 out of the 15 provinces and all areas have something special.


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