Congratulations to all winners of the the prize pack courtesy of Honk Kong Tourism Board & Taiwan Tourism Bureau:

  • Charmaine Dunn, Selloff Vacations, Edmondon, AB
  • Karen Kloosterman, Travel Best Bets, Duncan, BC
  • Kathy Martin, Royal City Travel, Guelph, ON
  • Lora Denzler, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Abbotsford, BC
  • Jackie Wagner, Jackies Travel Getaways Ltd, Rocky Mountain House, AB
  • Sommany Sanonikone, Northstar Travel, Kitchener, ON
  • Sam Yorke, CWT Harvey's Travel, Truro, NS
  • Robin petersen, jtb international travel, Toronto, ON
  • Sheila Little, Maritime Travel, Belleville, ON
  • Kate Chan, Dream Vacation Architect Inc, Richmond, BC


Contest is only open to registered Canadian travel agents.

1. What is the flight time between Taipei and Hong Kong?
 30 mins
 60 mins
 90 mins
 120 mins
2. What website launched by TTB and HKTB offers information about visiting Hong Kong and Taiwan?
3. What is the recommended trip duration when visiting both Hong Kong and Taiwan?
 3 to 5 days
 5 to 10 days
 7 to 11 days
 10 to 14 days
4. How can the neighbourhoods in Hong Kong be described?
 They all look the same
 Distinct cities within a city
5. What festival in Taiwan marks the end of Chinese New Year?
 Lights Festival
 New Year Festival
 Lantern Festival
 New Moon Festival
6. What description best matches the landscape of Hong Kong and Taiwan?
 Compact in size with sparse attractions and events
 Spread out with a few attractions and events
 Compact in size with many attractions and events
7. HKTB offers a Hong Kong Specialist training program for agents.
8. What local delicacy stems from Taiwan’s aboriginal and Hakka cultures?
ACTA Approved