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Shhh…The CS100 Is Coming

C-Series aircraft can fly to places Porter has never flown before

Shhh…the CS100 is coming.

Without the Canadian aviation innovation of Bombardier, there wouldn’t be a Porter plan for jet service from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

These ‘whisper jets’ are the quietest commercial jets in production, tailor-made for urban airports. They are comparably quiet to the Q400s Porter already flies – and they have to be. There are noise restrictions in place at YTZ and Porter has no intention of asking for them to be changed. No one likes a noisy neighbour.

Check out some of the comments from international media who attended the 1st flight of the CS100 this summer:

"That aircraft was silent. Absolutely silent.”
A tweet from John Ostrower, Wall Street Journal

"As it lifted off the ground, the all-new jet was noticeably quiet—with some of the 3,000 onlookers actually missing the long-anticipated takeoff, because the plane headed down the runway ahead of schedule, without a formal announcement."
Vanessa Lu, Toronto Star

"I tried to really listen. My perception? The CSeries is as quiet, if not quieter than a Q400 turboprop at a similar distance."
Howard Slutsken, Airline Reporter

Quiet is imperative, but the CS100 will offer much more to Porter passengers. It can fly anywhere in North America and the Caribbean, opening up huge potential for new routes and promising more competition and lower fares for Canadian travellers. More advantages:

Jet exterior dimensons

It’s clean – the CS100 creates 20% less carbon emissions than other planes in its class.

It’s efficient – the CS100 consumes half the fuel per passenger than that used by most modern compact cars.

It’s roomy – as well as being cleaner and greener, the CS100 offers a comfortable single-aisle cabin, with 107 seats, up from 70 seats on Porter’s Q400s. The CS100 will feature wider seats, larger overhead luggage bins, bigger windows and more personal space.

The CS100 cabin is built for the long-haul and Porter will extend its “flying refined” motto into new territory – a business class with 2x2 seating and more legroom, an economy class with 2x3 seating with wider seats (including an even larger middle seat), and new on-board services featuring WiFi and premium cabin service.

The expanded range of the CS100 will make Porter Airlines a national player across North America, with Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver on the list of proposed new routes. Other new destinations will include California, Florida and the Caribbean. Imagine the pleasure of your clients taking off on a sun holiday without having to go through the crush of a major airport.

Yes, the CS100 would make Porter a bigger competitor, but on a much smaller scale than its major competitors.

“YTZ will always be a small airport,” says Brad Cicero, Director of Communications & Public Affairs for Porter. “We have one main runway, one terminal and a relatively small piece of land. But the CS100 gives us the opportunity to make the most efficient use of this resource and to add new destinations for your customers. It’s a plane that’s made for this kind of use, and we’re proud to be supporting a great Canadian product that provides great Canadian jobs.”

By creating competition to its current destinations for over 6 years, Porter has been able to drop base airfares by as much as 60%, allowing more people to travel. The CS100 will enable the airline to expand that impact over a larger geographic footprint.

“Competition is important and Canadians haven’t enjoyed a lot of it when it comes to air travel,” says Cicero. “We’ve proven that we can deliver more competitive fares. And that carries over to the trade side. More players help keep everyone honest. Our competitors may not be happy that we are ready for takeoff with a great new Canadian plane. But we hope that you are, and we hope we can count on the support of Canadian travel agents.”


Buffy Robblee
November 22, 2013 at 10:41

We need more competition!

Barbara Lecker
November 15, 2013 at 16:13

I am so happy to hear that Porter may be flying into Winnipeg. Thank you !!!!

merita kalanovic
November 04, 2013 at 11:04

Porters airliens are the one of the comfort airlines , and customer service is really good


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