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Porter Airlines has some big plans. The airline wants to offer more competition in Canadian skies, lower fares and enhance revenues for Canadian travel agents.

Why Does Porter Your Help?

Because Porter’s plans to expand are not without opposition. Founder Robert Deluce has been making waves ever since he 1st proposed a new regional carrier for Toronto’s Island airport.

Runway extension proposal 1

Runway extension proposal 2

Despite some local resistance, Porter launched in 2006 and has grown to become a regional airline success story. Flying from YTZ, the island airport off Toronto’s downtown known as Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Porter now has a fleet of 26 Canadian-made Bombardier Q400 planes, flying to 19 destinations in eastern North America.

A year ago, Porter launched Porter Escapes, a tour division offering a curated collection of flights, hotels and leisure options in the destinations it serves, providing an additional revenue opportunity for travel agents.

Whisper-Jetting Into The Future

In April of this year, Robert Deluce made headlines by announcing Porter’s desire to expand service to locations such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles and Miami. It was great news for Porter devotees, travel agents and Canadian plane-maker Bombardier, where Porter placed a conditional order for 12 CS100 ‘Whisper-Jets’ with options for another 18.

It was a bold announcement, not least because there are a number of hurdles to overcome. Jets aren’t currently permitted to land at the airport. The runway isn’t long enough to accommodate them. Changes to either of those realities will require the approval of the 3 signatories to the agreement that governs the airport: the federal government, the City of Toronto and the airport’s operator, the Toronto Port Authority.

Robert Deluce made headlines by announcing Porter’s desire to expand service to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles and Miami.

Opponents have made a wide variety of claims, painting a “sky is falling” scenario. However, many observers argue that Porter’s growth has been nothing but positive for the city of Toronto, its economy, its workforce and its business and leisure travellers.

A recent Ipsos-Reid poll of 700 Torontonians revealed significant support for Porter, YTZ and the expansion plan. Some highlights:

  • 60% of Torontonians and 50% of those living south of Queen Street support the expansion
  • 87% 'agree' that the airport is a valuable asset for the city of Toronto
  • 32% of Torontonians surveyed have used Billy Bishop Airport
  • 96% reported a positive experience travelling through the airport

“In every poll that has been released there are more people in favour of the proposal than against,” says Brad Cicero, Director, Communications and Public Affairs for Porter. “Ultimately we have to go to City Hall, hopefully for a mid-December vote. We’re very encouraged, but we need to hear from those who support the project. We encourage travel professionals who support the idea to say ‘I’m On Board.’”

What You Can Do

Visit where the airline has laid out its expansion plans in detail -- what it will mean in terms of airport expansion, new planes, new routes and how it will impact local residents. You can ‘get on board’ and demonstrate your support by ordering window signs, bumper stickers or lawn signs. There’s also an easy way to contact Toronto city councillors.

Cicero says agents may get questions from clients about the benefits of the proposal, and advises sending them to to get an in-depth perspective on the plans – and even the opposition.

In a section called Reality Check, Porter outlines the many claims and issues raised by opponents to its plans. It then presents its side of the argument. In the Airport section, the airline details exactly what changes it is asking for at YTZ, including 2 proposed runway extension scenarios and an exemption from the jet ban for the CS100 plane, providing it proves it can operate within existing noise restrictions. It also explains what it is NOT asking for, including different flight paths that would route planes over the city, or lessened noise restrictions.

“We believe Porter is a benefit to Toronto and to the many people who want to visit one of the world’s great cities,” says Cicero. “If you agree, we’d really appreciate you making your voice heard.”


Buffy Robblee
November 22, 2013 at 10:58

Although I live in Calgary and have not had the pleasure of flying Porter, I support your expansion. We need more competition in this country! BTW, my daughter flew Porter to Chicago recently and raved about the experience from the airport, aircraft, and service!

Joseph Gubisi
November 06, 2013 at 16:46

I am a travel agent,and sell Porter when ever I can,because of the close airport.

Donna Majic
November 05, 2013 at 15:54

I like flying with Porter. I think they should definitley let the expansion go through. Myself I like to travel into the USA and Caribbean. I am from Sault Ste Marie and it is great to have options.

may givens vita-finzi
November 05, 2013 at 14:21

Porter is a definite asset to Toronto. An excellent airline.


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