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Juicy! New ‘Happy Agents’ Promo & Expanded Loyalty Program

Now all TravelBrands bookings are eligible

If you liked Sunquest’s popular Sun Deals, you will love its new incarnation “Happy Agents”. This new promotion allows agents to earn points on all TravelBrands bookings from now through December 31. With every booking you make with any TravelBrands company, you’ll be invited to play the Happy Agents Game.

Happy Agents is similar to Sun Deals but now every TravelBrands booking provides the opportunity to win up to $100 in Loyalty Points that can be exchanged for gift cards, merchandise and travel, or donated to charity.

Like the TV game show, ‘Deal Or No Deal’, everyone is a winner every time, it’s just the amount that varies.

“Agents really seem to enjoy the game and they’ll be able to earn Loyalty points at a much faster pace with all the brands now participating,” says Montagnese. “Best of all, we do all the tracking for you. All you have to do is visit, click on Happy Agents and enter your booking number.”

In addition to the game, travel agents will be pleased to hear a revamped Loyalty points program will be unveiled in January.

With every booking you make with any TravelBrands company, you’ll be invited to play the Happy Agents Game.

“Our trade partners will know exactly what they’re going to get and they’ll see the true benefits of loyalty to TravelBrands,” says Montagnese. “We’re also going to be giving back to agents by offering discounted rates for purchasing merchandise. We’re truly committed to our agent partners across the country and we’re going to make sure they know it.”

The announcements will come as TravelBrands takes its new-and-improved show on the road. Come January, travel agents will be invited to tradeshow-based events at five major gateways across Canada – details to come in the next few weeks.

Senior Vice President Nino Montagnese says the timing of the events reflects “a New Year and a new TravelBrands, and the goal of the gatherings is simply to thank agents for their support during a tough time.” He says a minimum of 20 suppliers will be along for the ride, with each asked to bring agent discounts and incentives as the price of admission. “It’s all about rewarding agents,” Montagnese says.


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