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10 Premium Brands Under One Roof

Mix 'n Match for all your needs

Product? Oh, they’ve got product.

When TravelBrands Senior Vice President Nino Montagnese says the company has “a wealth of product under one umbrella,” he’s not kidding. In fact, it could be the understatement of the year.

Everything from flights to car rentals, sun vacations to safaris, world cruises to weekend getaways.

The brands of TravelBrands are as familiar as they are many: Sunquest, Holiday House, Intair, Encore, ALBAtours, FunSun, Boomerang, Exotik, Network and Intair Vacations.

The brands cover a great deal of Canadian travel industry history, and they also cover the globe, with everything from flights to car rentals, sun vacations to safaris, world cruises to weekend getaways.

As part of the process of reorganizing and revitalizing TravelBrands, the company has arranged its subsidiaries into six product lines. Here’s a brief description of each:

Packages: TravelBrands reinvented the storied Sunquest brand with flexible packaging that gives clients the option of any length of stay, on any departure date and from any gateway. Sunquest allows you to adapt a vacation to your client’s schedule by using various sked carriers including WestJet, Air Canada and major U.S. airlines for air/hotel/transfer packages to the Caribbean, Mexico and popular U.S. cities.

Dynamic Packages: Agents can customize to their heart’s content using the TravelGenie engine to package air, hotel, car rental, attraction tickets, excursions and more. It’s an easy way to give your clients exactly what they want, and earn top commission too.

FIT: Holiday House and FunSun are friendly and familiar names to agents seeking to book individual components, including attraction tickets, hotels, condominiums, car rentals, car leasing, hotels, sightseeing tours, theatre tickets, transfers and tours. Book one component or many, it’s all up to you.

Specialty: With Exotik and Boomerang Tours, TravelBrands makes it easy for you to offer your clients unique, handcrafted tours or long-stay vacations all over the world. Don’t pass up the opportunity to help your clients plan travel to off-the-path destinations. Let the knowledgeable staff at TravelBrands be the experts – and make you look like a genius.

Air: Between Intair and Network, TravelBrands offer 80 airlines, and one of the most comprehensive air consolidator products in the marketplace. Whatever your clients are looking for, including complex itineraries and open jaw flights, Intair and Network will get them there. A 24-hour Support Desk enables you to take advantage of the deep knowledge of dedicated air specialists.

Cruise: Agents have lots of choices of where to book cruises for their clients, but TravelBrands’ Encore Cruises makes it easy to close the sale by negotiating consistent value-added incentives like extra onboard credits, bonus commissions and even special gifts for agents are among the ‘Only at Encore’ perks that set the company apart. Encore offers mass market lines, river cruise lines and luxury cruise operators, and can also add flights and pre- and post- hotel stays. Portal To Profit: The New TravelBrands Agent Website

With new CEO and e-commerce expert Zeina Gedeon at the helm, it’s no surprise that TravelBrands has invested time, resources and effort to create a new

Senior Vice President Nino Montagnese says he believes agents will be thrilled with the changes, which focus on integrating the brands into one location and delivering a simpler, more effective booking process.

“The products are all there versus clicking into each one separately. It’s going to be much easier and less time-consuming to book with us. We’re also offering agents powerful marketing tools from the same location. For example, they can pull a price, add a personalized comment and send an email directly to the customer with a tie-back to the agent.

“We know it’s going to take some time to get bookings back to where they were. But we’re starting the process by offering a much-improved booking system,” Montagnese says.


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