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Bahia Principe rewards agents with free stays & gifts

Bahia Pro Rewards

Launched last January in Canada, the Bahia Principe Rewards program was the much-anticipated result of popular demand. Agents wanted an easy way to experience Bahia Principe properties and have access to exclusive gifts for themselves or their clients.

Canadian agents signalled their approval by signing up in droves. In the first two weeks, the number of Canadian agents enrolled exceeded that of the U.S. program, which launched three months earlier.

“That told us something right there,” says Sal Buccellato, National Director of Sales for Bahia Principe in Canada. “Agents know that clients who choose Bahia Principe come back happy and come back again and again. Once agents experience our resorts and see everything they have to offer, they have much more confidence in selling them.”

Clients who choose Bahia Principe come back happy and come back again and again.

Bahia Principe Rewards keeps things simple. Agents get 250 points just for signing up and creating a profile here.

They then get 100 points for every room night sold at Grand Bahia Principe Hotels, 125 points for room nights at Luxury Bahia Principe Don Pablo Collection Hotels. During promotional periods, Bahia Principe offers up to 4X points, making it easy to quickly earn free stays and perks like spa vouchers, dinners, destination parties, excursions and private transfers.

Agents can earn more points by completing e-learning courses or performing well in ranking promotions. They even get free points as a birthday gift!

“Ten bookings will get them to a Gran Bahia Principe property, 15 bookings to one of our luxury properties,” says Buccellato. “And if they’re short on the number of points needed for a free stay, they can top up at special agent rates.”

The program also provides agents with e-learning opportunities to keep up to date about the latest enhancements at Bahia Principe, as well as the newest products and services from the hotel group. Daily reporting helps agents track and manage their bookings.

Buccellato says Bahia Principe resonates so well with value-conscious Canadian travellers by exceeding their expectations. Bahia Principe Rewards aims to do the same thing.

“We want to thank agents for their business the best way possible – by giving them access to the same fabulous vacation experience we offer their clients,” says Buccellato.

“Of course, it helps us too, by making agents better educated about the product. And we’re confident that once they see what we have to offer, they’ll sell Bahia Principe with great enthusiasm and send us the people best suited to the quality of vacation we offer.”

WestJet Vacations Product Manager Bernadette Scobie says sales of packages to Bahia Principe properties are expanding along with firsthand knowledge of the product.

“Anyone can do research on the Internet today. But agents who get out there and develop in-depth knowledge of specific resorts have a proven record of growing sales and building loyalty with their clients. It’s all about adding value.”



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