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How To Sell The Cayman Islands

Find the right clients and they’ll just keep coming back

If you’ve read the first two stories in this Headliner you know that the Cayman Islands represents a distinct destination choice for Canadian travellers. But how do you know which clients it would suit best?

Raymond Mathias, Business Development Manager, Canada, for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, says his group has a pretty clear picture of the types of travellers who choose the destination – and often keep coming back.

"We appeal to comfortable travellers who are used to quality and service. They tend to be couples and families and they tend to be independent travellers who want to go to a place where they can venture out and experience the destination. They may be all-inclusive clients who want to try something new. They are quite likely food lovers who appreciate our status as the 'Culinary Capital of the Caribbean'."

A Few More Key Selling Points:

  • Dive 365 program – showcasing a Cayman dive site for every day of the year
  • Culinary Capital of the Caribbean – over 200 restaurants and a passion for food
  • Signature events, including Pirates Week, Flowers Sea Swim, Cayman Cookout, Restaurant Month, Cocktail Week, Batabano, Cayman marathon and more
  • 4 hours from Toronto on either WestJet or Air Canada
  • Worry-free destination
  • Hassle-free beach experience – no vendors allowed
  • Voted Friendliest Country by Forbes magazine
  • Bonus: Condo bookings are also commissionable

Mathias acknowledges that the Cayman Islands is not an inexpensive destination. “There are promotional periods in summer and fall with special offers and great pricing. That opens up a different market to enjoy what we offer.”

Mathias says “re-engaging with the industry” is a priority for the Cayman Department of Tourism, and the organization has taken a number of initiatives to work more closely with travel professionals.

Here are some examples:

Cayman Islands Specialist Program – The more you know about the Cayman Islands, the easier it is to sell the destination. To find out more about becoming a Cayman Islands Specialist, click here.

Once you complete the course of study and pass a final exam, you will earn the Cayman Islands Specialist title and receive a diploma. Even better, you’ll be listed on a travel agent referral list published on the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism's website. You will also be enrolled in the Cayman Rewards program, receive monthly newsletters with exclusive offers and get fam trip invitations.

Courtesy of the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

Cayman Rewards program – an incentive program for agents offering cash for bookings -- both for agents and agencies. Find out more here.

Cayman Loves Agents program – The Cayman Islands wants travel agents to have their very own 'Caymankind' experience, so it launched the ‘Cayman Loves Agents’ promotion featuring special rates for the travel trade on accommodations, watersports and other activities. Find out more here.

The Cayman Islands tourism website now features itineraries to help consumers and agents plan trips. There are culinary, romance, luxury getaways and island-hopping itineraries to choose from or adapt to your client’s specific desires.

“I hope agents will come to learn that it’s a big positive to attract Cayman clients,” says Mathias. “We have many loyal repeat visitors, some who have been coming for generations. That’s great for us, and it’s great for our travel partners too.”


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