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A Perfect Brand For Every Wedding Band

From Secrets to Sunscape, AMResorts has an ideal setting

With 6 distinct brands and over 50 resorts set in gorgeous locations on some of the world’s great beaches, AMResorts has the ideal physical setting for romance. Carlo Trinidad, Business Development Manager for AMResorts in Western Canada, says the company has everything else too.

AMResorts Weddings

“What we offer encompasses all the needs of romance travel, from bachelor/bachelorette parties to honeymoons, weddings to vow renewals. We have a place for everyone and a package for everyone.”

There's lots of opportunity with AMResorts even for agents intimidated by the prospect of organizing destination weddings.

Trinidad says there’s lots of opportunity with AMResorts even for agents intimidated by the prospect of organizing destination weddings. “Some agents are afraid of weddings. It’s just not their forte and I understand that. But events like vow renewals can be much simpler and a nice segue to tap into the group environment.”

Trinidad says a recent trend he has noted is couples combining a three-night bachelor/bachelorette party at an adults-only property, then moving to an AMResorts family property for the wedding week, followed by a 4-night honeymoon, either at the same resort or another nearby AMResorts facility. “It’s an option that some agents may not have considered,” he says.

For the honeymoon portion of romance travel, Trinidad says more agents should take a look at AMResorts’ Zoëtry properties.

Zoetry Main PoolZoëtry main pool

“Zoëtry seems to be getting the least amount of thought for honeymooning, but it’s perfect. I tell agents not to be intimidated by the price, because it truly is the perfect product for a complete debrief and destress after the wedding. It’s just about them, and the couples who choose Zoëtry absolutely love it.”

On the other end of the AMResorts spectrum, the budget-conscious family resorts of the Sunscape brand have lots to offer Canadian couples, especially after the brand has expanded in recent years. “It’s a budget price but not a budget experience,” Trinidad says. “It’s a superb choice for wedding groups on a budget.”

For those not completely familiar with the six brands offered by AMResorts, here’s a quick primer, along with suggestions for the right romance travel clients for each brand. You can click through the links to find out more about specific brands and the many inclusions and amenities delivered by AMResort’s signature programs Endless Privileges, Unlimited Luxury and Unlimited Fun.

The Zoetry Wellness & Spa Resorts Couple

  • Looking for devoted attention - only one wedding per day
  • Planning an intimate or extravagant wedding
  • Desiring a lavish and tranquil honeymoon
  • Pampered with the lavishness of Endless Privileges®
The Secrets Resorts & Spas Couple
  • Looking for a glamorous resort
  • Planning an adults-only wedding
  • Desiring a luxurious honeymoon with a mix of relaxation, activity and entertainment
  • Comes with all the benefits of Unlimited-Luxury®

 The Breathless Resorts & Spas Couple

  •  Looking for a social, vibrant, hip resort
  • Seeking a fun spot for a bachelor/bachelorette party
  • Planning a lively, adults-only wedding, with a colorful flair
  • Desiring an exciting, luxurious, & sensual honeymoon -- filled with exhilaration
  • Enhanced by the many inclusions of Unlimited-Luxury®

 The Dreams Resorts & Spas Couple

  •  Looking for a variety of unique ceremony settings
  • Planning a family wedding - with kids on the guest list
  • Desiring a honeymoon that blends leisure and entertainment
  • Complete with the benefits of Unlimited-Luxury®

The Now Resorts & Spas Couple        

  • Looking for a chic and unique wedding
  • Planning a wedding for guests of all ages
  • Desiring an active honeymoon with a dynamic array of adventures
  • Filled with the inclusions of Unlimited-Luxury®

The Sunscape Resorts & Spas Couple                

  • Looking for a dynamic wedding
  • Budget-conscious yet brag-worthy wedding
  • Desiring a fun and carefree honeymoon
  • Enhanced by the enjoyment of Unlimited-Fun®


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