How Easy Is It To Sell Tauck?

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1. How does Tauck want your clients to remember their tour?
Cheapest trip ever
Most memorable vacation ever
Too many out-of-pocket expenses on tour
Tour directors who never stop selling options

2. Who Is A Typical Tauck Client
A person who doesn't think they like escorted tours
A person who is culturally curious
A person who wants a truly immersive destination experience
All of the above

3. Which of the following is not a typical Tauck experience?
A private after-hours visit to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
A private catered dinner at the Tower of London
Visit to a rum factory with one drink included
An evening in Vienna at a palace where Beethoven and Mozart played

4. Peter Tauck mentions "tears and smiles and lumps and butterflies." What is he talking about?
The unhappy results of eating at a Bangkok street stall
The emotions generated by a perfectly choreographed tour
A typical TSA security screening
The coach driver's reactions to driving in Rome

5. What can you buy from a Tauck Tour Director?
Chocolate bars and gum
Optional tours
Maps and souvenirs
Absolutely nothing
ACTA Approved