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The Surprising Ease Of Selling Tauck

It can come as a surprise to Canadian travel agents beleaguered by tire-kickers, but the fact is, not every potential client bases buying decisions on price alone.

“For a lot of people, travel experiences are the most important times of the year, the most important purchases of the year,” says Tauck CEO, Dan Mahar. “But a lot of agents are afraid to promote or suggest a travel experience that at 1st glance appears more expensive. So many products offer a low starting price, then nickel and dime on extras. We’re 180˚ from that. We thoughtfully create a complete experience.”

Smiling Tauck tourists in front of mountains

Mahar says Tauck’s singular approach generates deep loyalty among its guests and offers agents an opportunity to do the same. “Agents want to work with companies that deeply care and want to create loyal, repeat customers. Agents depend on that kind of loyalty more than ever, as so much travel product has become commoditized.”

A conversation with Mahar reveals another distinction. A passion for creating unforgettable travel experiences is embedded in the Tauck DNA in a way that’s difficult to replicate in a large tour operator structure. Mahar speaks about the “choreography” of an itinerary, how a trip “builds” to a crescendo.

“We have a strong sense of purpose,” says Mahar. “We believe that how you see the world matters. We believe travel can inspire curiosity and lifelong learning. The whole company is focused on delivering a complete experience and that’s where the magic happens.”

Tauck Tours has been creating complete experiences for 87 years, ever since Arthur Tauck Sr., then a 27-year-old travelling salesman, brought 6 paying guests along on 1 of his sales trips through New England and southeastern Canada. The all-inclusive, 6-day trip covered 1,800 km. and cost each guest $69 – “about the cost of a good breakfast in Rome today,” laughs Mahar.

Today, a 3rd generation of Taucks remains deeply involved with the company that was the 1st to be awarded a “Tour Broker’s” license from the U.S. government. 3 million guests later, Arthur Tauck Sr.’s philosophy remains intact: 1 up-front price with virtually everything included - luxury accommodations, world class food and drink, and no hidden fees and surprises.

There are a number of things that set Tauck apart. Tour directors are full-time employees, not contractors, as with many other escorted tour companies. The company values their integral role in the guest experience, calling them “part professor, part concierge and the world’s best travelling companions.”

Mahar’s bottom-line advice to agents interested in selling more Tauck? “Don’t underestimate the demand.”

Our guests range across the economic spectrum, united by a passion for meaningful travel experiences. Sell those experiences. Sell the value. The fact is you can’t make money selling beach junkets, so why not take the opportunity to provide the experience your clients are seeking, while earning significant compensation.”

If that sounds like a recipe for success, it is. After all, it has worked for Tauck for nearly a century, in a business where few players enjoy such long-running success.


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